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Precious metals are the most expensive global "currency" industry. The PROXIMO GOLD LTD offers to become a part of it. Become the owner of precious resources from around the world today and receive interest every day, because it is a reliable contribution to the future. Remember, the ability to use resources is exactly what distinguishes humans from the animal world.

invest and earn


PROXIMO GOLD LTD we already work with thousands of clients. Now you can become an investor and receive profit from the purchased metals. Our company is aimed at decentralizing the market and is growing rapidly. The idea of redistributing money for the sake of closing the holes created by financial ignorance has laid the foundation for the creation of our company.

Expensive things, cars, trips - we decided that all these things should be available to each and every one of our clients. Each investor is a part of our company - you are the foundation of our work. You may be wondering, what are the advantages of a huge corporation that is only able to consume?


  • We ourselves find out the best ways for investment
  • Your deposits are reliably protected
  • We are interested in your profit
  • We take all the responsibility



Price In the world
12.86$/g N/A

Deposit return after period

Bronze - 2.0%

For 7 days daily

Deposit return after period

Silver - 2.5%

For 14 days daily

Deposit return after period

Gold - 3.0%

For 21 days daily

Deposit return after period

White Gold - 3.5%

For 28 day daily

Deposit return after period

Platinum - 4.0%

For 35 days daily

VIP Stone - 370%

After 45 days

Make deposit

VIP Metal - 820%

After 60 days

Make deposit

VIP Bullion - 1720%

After 90 days

Make deposit


You can use this scale in order to calculate your profit. It shows the amount of your income for a certain period. To use the online calculator simply enter the amount of the deposit in the corresponding field below, in accordance with the chosen investment plan.


  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • White Gold
  • Platinum
  • VIP Stone
  • VIP Metal
  • VIP Bullion
0.005 BTC
0.250 BTC


daily profit


profit after period

Decentralization of any company provides an opportunity to use the resource around the globe, bypassing offices, transportations, sparing the strength and saving time of specialists. The only thing that can limit the distribution and growth of income in this case is the absence of localization. At the moment, this is not a great issue for many investors, because an automatic translation of sites exists. Thus, just starting to work, we have already attracted a lot of foreign investors and at the moment we are in a process of breaking through the "language barrier".

This means that the PROXIMO GOLD LTD has not only a unique work process and modern advantages over old conservative, yet large, companies, but also a chance to outrun them in terms of the size of the income. We're not accumulating funds just to stuff the purses of "large shareholders"; we're increasing the level of each investor. First of all, this is advantageous for us: after all, investors, who trust the company, expand the boundaries for its development and increase their income together with it.


To get started with us, you need to go through a quick and simple registration first, confirming the user agreement - in other words, you sign a contract with us, which describes the terms of our work and our terms of service.


We have developed various investment plans, each of which may suit you depending on your financial capabilities and desired income. To date, you can use five regular plans and three so-called "VIP" plans for longer investments time.


After you have logged into your personal account and selected the investment plan, you need to get down to work: make a deposit of a certain amount via any convenient payment system provided. We accept only Bitcoin and Litecoin. This means, if it is convenient for you, you can make a deposit not with an ordinary electronic currency, but also with cryprocurrency.


That's all! Receive your payouts, request withdrawal of funds whenever you want. If you want, you can switch to a different, more profitable investment plan. Have a great investing experience!